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   Zhuhai Stevia Science Development Co.,Ltd.

  Zhuhai Stevia Science Development Co., Ltd. is a specialized enterprise engaged in the market development and application of the serial products of stevia sugar. In conjunction with Shandong Huaxian Stevia Co., Ltd. - the largest producer of stevia sugar of the nation, our company has set up Zhuhai Sales Branch of Huaxian Stevia Co., Ltd. to take charge of the sales business in Southern China. Through over ten years' efforts, the Company has won confidence and support from the clients with excellent credibility, high-quality products, reasonable prices and first-class service and has become the biggest supplier of stevia sugar in the domestic market. Currently, the Company has nearly 200 clients and has established good cooperative relationships with such large-scale enterprises of the nation as Jianlibao Group and Robust Group.
The Company has long followed the principle of "Quality first and service paramount". In the new century, it is willing to match ahead hand in hand with old and new clients and make all-out contributions to the health of mankind.                                           General Manager: Zeng Yongming
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